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Industrial Engineering

There are a litany of complex legal issues facing businesses operating in the Industrial Engineering sector. Economically, the global downturn has had a bigger impact on this sector than some others, with over supply, coupled with a lack of demand resulting in large numbers of down-sizings, restructurings and many plant closures. The last 18 months has been a very tough period.

Environmentally, there is growing pressure to use sustainable and environmentally-friendly materials. Organisations will need to understand the increasing levels of regulation and compliance this will bring.

Coming through the downturn, organisations within the sector will need to become more international, in both their scope and geographical spread. The growing industrial power-houses of countries such as China and India will bring new challenges for the sector, with matters such as new legislation, workforce and quality issues beginning to emerge. Research and development, currently under-invested due to the downturn, will also become a key area when the economy begins to recover.

Our legal advisers have years of experience of working with Industrial Engineering clients. Our breadth of expertise coupled with our geographical spread and multi-jurisdictional capability is well-placed to support you through this difficult time. We fully understand the challenges a post-recession economy will bring in the years to come and as a specialist sector group we are well equipped to supply innovative, up-to-date and relevant legal advice.

Eversheds can support your business wherever in the world you or your products may be.

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