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Legal issues facing the TMT sector

TMT companies face a number of current challenges. Customers of TMT continue to seek to drive harder bargains both in terms of cost and value as well as seeking guarantees for future improvements for licensing models and products and services.

Our work includes protection and exploitation, reputation management, branding, coordination of international advice, corporate finance, acquisition and disposal regulatory advice, HR, dispute resolution, contracts and outsourcing.

As such, TMT companies have been, more than ever, focused on how they can maximise their own business in order to help customers achieve their needs whilst continuing to be successful. Some of the key areas where we have seen increasing need to help the sector include:

  • Help with global deals and international advice including with doing business in new locations to a client's business and doing business where clients do not have a tax presence
  • M&A - particularly in terms of the buying in of intellectual property rich add-ons and strategic acquisitions as well as sale of non core assets and businesses with the key focus of the business going forward
  • Assistance in relation to the laws and contractual framework surrounding emerging technology and business models such as cloud, increased use of open source software, and virtualisation, whether buying in or selling out
  • Assistance understanding news laws relevant to the sector including the Digital Economy Act and new advertising laws
  • Regulatory advice particularly in the areas of data and privacy, competition / anti-trust and environmental as well as regulatory regimes relevant to clients' businesses
  • Help with outsourcing deals (whether as a supplier or customer)
  • Assisting with the establishment of joint ventures
  • Help with HR change management projects, rationalisation and pension scheme variations
  • Disputes and dispute resolution, where we have seen increasing amounts of litigation.

How can we help TMT companies with their legal needs

Our international sector group provides a full service to all our TMT clients. The combination of Eversheds' deep understanding of the TMT sector, coupled with the significant experience we have in acting for customers who procure goods and services from TMT suppliers, means we appreciate the pressure points our clients face.

We have a team of international lawyers dedicated to the TMT sector, who understand the jargon and the technical aspects and complexities of this sector and each sub-sector within it (technology, media and telecoms). We adapt rapidly to the fast-paced TMT market, working with you to find solutions that are tailored to your needs.

Our work includes protection and exploitation, reputation management, branding, coordination of international advice, corporate finance, acquisition and disposal, regulatory advice, HR, dispute resolution, contracts and outsourcing. We also assist in highly technical and specific areas such as export and import queries and trading in countries where your business does not have a presence.

We advise over 500 clients in this field, enabling us to deliver tailored advice and give you the advantage of cost savings from working on similar issues for TMT businesses. Our project management approach to legal services gives you greater control and predictability and allows you to reduce workload, minimise disruption and get the best project outcome, on time and within budget.

Eversheds also acts for hundreds of customers of technology, media and telecoms businesses. In this way our sector group can bring this experience to help close deals and ease barriers to transactions. At Eversheds, we believe we are uniquely placed to provide the right industry experience to your TMT company wherever you are in the world.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of our services please contact our team at tmt@eversheds.com

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