Flexible working solutions. Offering on-demand legal professionals

Eversheds Agile

Eversheds Agile was born out of our innovative approach to client services. Through Eversheds Consulting, another innovation, our flexible working, on-demand service was created to meet our clients’ demands for interim, high quality legal professionals, providing peace of mind with legal expertise and the support of an international law firm.

Flexible working, on-demand professionals

Since its inception in 2011, it continues to surpass expectations, working closely with clients, and the wider firm to offer the flexibility of providing temporary legal resource, vetted by our experts, who will instantly add value your organisation. Whether for an urgent new project or regulatory change, to cover absence, or to bring in an expert to bolster the team, our pool of lawyers, para legals and project managers will hit the ground running, and can join your team either at your premises, remotely, or at an Eversheds office.

Our own commitment to innovation and to challenging the industry norms underpins everything we do and informs our strategy, vision and values. Innovation at Eversheds is a year-round mission, part of the day-to-day fabric of the firm. Through constant revision of our service to clients and our management of our own business, and through our own revolutionary approach, we strive to push for further transformation in the legal sector. Our services provide a unique way of utilising our expertise, whilst providing you with the flexibility of having someone join your team.