Corporate Secretarial Services

Corporate secretarial services

There is an ever increasing administrative burden placed on today's companies, particularly those with operations around the world. We have established a corporate secretarial team dedicated to assisting you with subsidiary entity management around the globe.

Wherever in the world your companies are located, you need to know that your centralised business decisions are accurately implemented by your local entities, and that your companies are in compliance with local law.

Recognising that a co-ordinated approach is essential, we offer a team dedicated to ensuring that your companies are given the very best in corporate secretarial and governance services through:

  • a single point of contact with a dedicated project manager
  • a co-ordinated team
  • centralised and accountable billing
  • a commitment to tailor our services to meet with your group guidelines and ensuring our local counsel observe any applicable protocols
  • access to a specialised portal system providing instant visibility of your corporate information
  • the world compliance product that provides corporate secretarial info in more than 75 jurisdictions.

Our experience in providing international corporate secretarial services has enabled us to build up an extensive portfolio of local counsel that is second to none, covering almost all jurisdictions from the Pacific Rim to Africa, Eastern Europe, China, the Far East and the US.

Entity management

We support clients in more than 100 jurisdictions. The entity management service includes all those routine matters that a company would expect to occur each year in order to keep in good standing, such as:

  • maintaining the company's records
  • preparing and filing of returns with the local registry
  • issuing reminders of accounting deadlines
  • providing the company's auditors with access to the company records.

All jurisdictions have local variations in their requirements and we are able to offer a fixed fee charge for our entity management service, wherever in the world your entity is registered.

Corporate health checks

A corporate health check (or company review) is an invaluable exercise carried out by local counsel, for instance, on the transfer of records. It immediately highlights any potential compliance issues and problems with the company records. Corporate health checks form a vital part of ensuring that your companies comply with any local corporate secretarial regulations.

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