Health and Safety

It is an almost universal truth that an organisation's attitude to safety says much about its overall culture.

Our international team works closely with many of our largest clients, focusing on the strategic importance of good health and safety governance as well as compliance through clear workplace strategies, the successful management of critical risks and a demanding regulatory framework helping them deliver the safest environment for staff and those affected by the operation of their business.

We also provide 24/7 crisis support in response to major incidents to help senior and local management bring an emerging situation under control, investigate the cause, provide advice and support during investigations by the authorities and help to manage communications both internally and externally.

We provide flexible and responsive support to clients around the world, from Asia to Scotland, handling a full range of issues, from those specific to the local jurisdiction to those with wider international implications.

Our lawyers not only possess first-rate technical skills but also have specialist sector knowledge, the ability to view complex details in the context of overarching commercial priorities and the communication skills needed to be able to work effectively with people at all levels of an organisation. We also have practical experience of relevant courts and tribunals.

Our aim is always to provide advice which is as pragmatic as it is legally sound. We are able to draw on our experience of managing serious incidents and hazards to help clients understand the risks they face, adopt a comprehensive and practical strategy for addressing them, and communicate key messages across a diverse international organisation.

We have developed a comprehensive set of training and compliance programmes for clients, combining essential learning for business managers with compliance auditing for on-site safety professionals.


Health and safety legal podcasts

Fees for intervention podcast

Welcome to our first podcast recording with Tim Hill and Catherine Henney to discuss Health and Safety fees for intervention which have come into force from 1st October 2012.

General update podcast

In this short podcast, Paul Verrico and Catherine Henney consider some of the changes to health and safety legislation and procedure affecting UK organisations. Some of the matters described have been 'under the radar' but could have profound implications to the cost of compliance.

Corporate manslaughter podcast

In this podcast, Kevin Elliott and Paul Verrico consider the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act nearly 5 years on. A particular focus on the Lion Steel case emphasises the need for systems to be rigorously implemented across multiple sites and the potential for conflicts when Directors are charged alongside corporations.

Developments in Coroner's Inquests

In this podcast, Tim Hill and Phil Crosby consider the recent developments in Coroner’s Inquests and the role a Coroner plays.