Forthcoming events and seminars

  • 10th annual pensions conference: Funding retirement - Freedom, choice and risk

    How long will you live for? Without an answer to this question and, given the inexorable shift from DB to DC, most of us have to decide what we want in retirement and take responsibility for how we will fund our hopes. If we do not, increasing longevity will place an unbearable strain on the NHS, long-term care provision and Government finances. Recent, radical pension reform should empower individuals to use their pension savings to suit their needs – if their pension plan allows them to!
  • Academy Sponsorship for Colleges

    The growth of the academy sector has seen unprecedented changes in the delivery of primary and secondary education. One of the key features of the academy programme has been the rise of the sponsorship model.
  • Advanced employee investigation interview skills and tactics

    In recognition of the rising expectations judges have of an employer's investigation process and documentation, and the ever increasing complexity of some employee investigations, more and more organisations are recognising that the conduct of investigations is a specialist role, and developing in-house teams of dedicated management investigators.
  • Ages at work - Law and pensioners

    Few of us can fund 20 years of retirement from 35 years of working life. The Government has responded with policy measures which encourage older people to stay in work.
  • Alternative business models - a look at HR issues and advantages and disadvantages

    With increased competition for student numbers and ongoing funding reductions, the education sector is facing unprecedented financial pressures. As a consequence, institutions are increasingly looking at ways to reduce costs and operate more efficiently.
  • A practical survival guide for new clerks - What you really need to know

    Anyone new to the role of Clerk to the Corporation of a further education of sixth form college will face a steep learning curve. As well as ensuring the smooth functioning of the Corporation, Clerks will be expected to have a firm grasp of the legal and regulatory provisions governing the operation of a governing body. They will also be the ‘go to’ person should any governor need advice on any aspect of their role or if a problem arises in relation to the governing body’s activities.
  • Belgian employment law training

    An employer found guilty of discrimination by a Belgian court can face a sentence of up to one year in prison. There is no concept of redundancy in Belgium and no concept of unfair dismissal either.

    Our network is named after Carrie Morrison, the first woman to be admitted as a solicitor in December 1922. She practised until her death in 1950. The aim of Carrie is to bring together female in-house lawyers in an interactive, stimulating environment, to provide practical guidance from accomplished speakers and to enable networking and sharing of experiences.
  • Compliance with Tier 2 Sponsor Obligations - seminar update for education institutions

    Education providers who employ or who wish to employ and sponsor migrant workers need to be Tier 2 sponsor licence holders.
  • Compliance with Tier 4 Sponsor Obligations seminar – update for education institutions

    The Tier 4 Sponsor Guidance states that the ability to sponsor students to study in the UK is a privilege that must be earned. Education providers who teach or wish to teach and sponsor international students need to be Tier 4 sponsor licence holders.
  • Contracts - common pitfalls and how to avoid them

    Contracts go wrong all the time and, even in an improving economy, parties are especially keen to fight for their rights. The fall-out can be costly and a drain on management time.
  • CRS: are you ready? FATCA: one year on.

    This seminar considers where we are now on FATCA, as applied to the asset management industry, what practices are emerging and what and how common issues need to be resolved.
  • Data Protection and the employment relationship - an essential guide for managers and HR professionals

    Dealing with employees’ personal data is a necessary and unavoidable feature of the day to day work of anyone with management responsibilities.
  • Dutch employment law training

    It is commonly believed that it is difficult and expensive to terminate an employment contract in the Netherlands. Employee rights are well protected under Dutch law, especially in dismissal cases, but employers are able to swiftly adjust staff levels in their company to changes, for example a fluctuation in workload. A wide variety of options are available for employers to hire people in a flexible manner provided that the rules are used properly.
  • Education health and safety seminar

    Against the backdrop of the now well established fees for intervention and more recently, significant increases in fines for health and safety offences, we will look at some of the key risks faced in the education sector.
  • Employee investigations training

    Employment tribunals increasingly expect employers to show that they have undertaken a fair and thorough investigation of complaints that are made about or by employees.
  • Employee relations - Working effectively with your union and employee representatives

    A decline in industrial action and a trend within HR functions toward specialism, means that many senior managers lack experience of working with unions and employee representatives.
  • Employees and mental health: Responsibility and adjustment with OH Assist

    At any time, 1 in 6 of the working population will have a mental health disorder, most commonly anxiety or depression, and a further 1 in 6 will have symptoms of mental ill-health, including substance dependence*. Many of these people will recover from their illness.
  • Employment law breakfast briefing - Dealing with subject access requests

    Do you quietly panic when you receive a request from an employee or third party for access to personal data, not entirely sure where to start, just what you should disclose or whether you are legally obliged to respond at all?
  • Employment law update for education HR teams and managers

    This seminar will be delivered by experienced solicitors who specialise in providing employment advice to universities, colleges and schools.
  • Equality in the workplace - rights and obligations

    This seminar will consider the key legal issues that arise in this context and how your institution can deal lawfully, fairly and effectively with its equality obligations to staff.
  • Essential employment law for HR professionals

    HR professionals and managers need to understand the legal framework that underpins the employment relationship.
  • European HR - Cross-border employment law

    Managing teams of people is challenging at the best of times. Working across European borders is even more difficult, due to cultural and legal differences.
  • Eversheds Academy; Being Commercial

    Join us for the tenth annual Eversheds Academy - a unique 3 day residential commercial awareness programme designed specifically for in house lawyers.
  • French employment law training

    Based on the Napoleonic code and amended by statute ever since, French employment law is markedly different from the UK’s.

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