Forthcoming events and seminars

  • 9th annual pensions conference

    How often is a new Government policy described as revolutionary, and how often is it really true? No one expected George Osborne to overhaul the tax rules for DC pensions in the Budget. In a few moments, he transformed retirement for all those who have yet to retire. The requirement to secure a guaranteed income was swept away in favour of a fundamental willingness to trust people with their own money.
  • Advanced employee investigation interview skills and tactics

    In recognition of the rising expectations judges have of an employer's investigation process and documentation, and the ever increasing complexity of some employee investigations, more and more organisations are recognising that the conduct of investigations is a specialist role, and developing in-house teams of dedicated management investigators.
  • An Introduction to FCA Regulation

    The last few years have seen a raft of changes in the regulatory arena, with some emerging at European level and others from the Financial Conduct Authority. With so many apparent changes to the rules and the increased regulatory focus on conduct, culture and customer outcomes, legal and compliance professionals now need to consider an ever growing number of rules and regulations in their day-to-day roles.

    Carrie Morrison, the first woman admitted as a solicitor motivated this female in-house lawyer networking event.
  • Central and Eastern European HR - Employment law in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia and Slovakia

    The Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries have distinctive employment law frameworks which an increasing number of HR practitioners and in-house lawyers must come to terms with.
  • Contracts - Common pitfalls and how to avoid them

    Contracts go wrong all the time and, in a tough economy, parties are especially keen to fight for their rights. The fall-out can be costly and a drain on management time. Getting your contracts right from the beginning should stop disputes arising in the first place. Better still, you will be better placed to keep that profitable relationship on track if difficult issues arise.
  • Criminality and the employment relationship - History, subsequent convictions and allegations

    One in four of the UK working population has a criminal record, and 34% of British males will have a criminal conviction by the time they are 30*
  • Current developments in employment law - Autumn 2014 series: Continuing impact of reform

    The Government’s wide ranging Employment Law Review is drawing to a close, but there are still significant legal developments to come. The Shared Parental Leave Regulations come into effect on 1 December 2014, and will require HR to rewrite current policies and adjust to a completely new regime. Media attention around whistle-blowing and zero hours contracts has compelled the Government to consider how to intervene, with announcements expected soon.
  • Developments in mortgage law and regulation - a 2014/15 seminar series

    With so much happening in the law and regulation of mortgages, Eversheds is launching a series of thought leadership seminars specifically for clients involved in arrears and possessions.
  • Directors at risk

    It is increasingly acceptable to vilify company directors. The media and public opinion appears to have lost patience with the leaders of organisations avoiding responsibility.
  • Driving for work - Policies, investigation and the law

    There were 133 work-related fatalities last year, a statistic which is rightly regarded with the utmost seriousness. However, there are also around 1,000 road traffic fatalities each year involving workplace driving. This area of health and safety law has not always attracted the attention that such a shocking statistic deserves, although it is back on the Parliamentary agenda.
  • Employee relations: Working effectively with your union and employee representatives

    A decline in industrial action and a trend within HR functions toward specialism, means that many senior managers lack experience of working with unions and employee representatives.
  • Employment issues in the education sector - Summer School 2014

    This Summer School is aimed at HR teams and college and university leaders with responsibility for employment issues. Drawing on experts with specialist insights, we will bring you up-to-date on recent trends and legal developments which have a particular impact on workforce planning in academic institutions. This course is an opportunity to discuss with peers, in pleasant surrounds, some of the topical HR issues currently affecting those working in the education sector.
  • Essential employment law for HR professionals

    HR professionals and managers need to understand the legal framework that underpins the employment relationship.
  • Essentials for academy clerks and company secretaries

    Becoming an academy confers legal responsibilities under company law which many schools and sponsors are unfamiliar with. In addition, the EFA’s guidance on academy trust compliance is developing everyday.
  • European HR - Cross-border employment law

    Managing teams of people is challenging at the best of times. Working across European borders is even more difficult, due to cultural and legal differences.
  • Eversheds' asset managers and funds seminar

    This leading industry event will provide an update on key legal and regulatory developments relevant to asset management firms operating in the UK and the EU. This will include a review of developments in areas of FCA focus and an update on key EU directives.
  • Eversheds' retail finance update seminars 2014

    With a new regime and a new regulator for consumer credit, keeping up with developments in the retail finance sector can be a challenge. Join Eversheds as we provide you with an update on the latest issues and thinking.
  • Eversheds Academy; Being Commercial

    Join us for the ninth annual Eversheds Academy - a unique 3 day residential commercial awareness programme designed specifically for in house lawyers.
  • Health and safety update - Hammering defendants?

    The passing of more, new legislation has been a favoured approach to enforce better practice.
  • IHEC 2014: Eversheds annual in-house employment counsel conference

    Join us and fellow in-house employment lawyers to discuss the key issues on the employment agenda in 2014.
  • Immigration issues from an international workforce

    It is increasingly common for employers to recruit non-UK employees or to require their employees to work abroad. Most employers in this age of international labour mobility require knowledge of the immigration system in the UK.
  • International assignments and the law - Contracts, visas and tax

    When an employee moves to work in a location other than their home country, an additional layer of employment, immigration, tax and social security laws will apply in at least two jurisdictions.
  • International Subsidiary Management

    Day 1 of Eversheds Corporate Secretarial Conference will focus on “International Subsidiary Management” and attendees will get an opportunity to meet our local counsel from Argentina, France, Italy, Indian, China and South Africa. Delegates will learn about key corporate secretarial issues, obtain updates on any changes in company law in these regions with particular focus on India, China and South Africa. See below for more details on Day 1.
  • Introduction to Belgian Employment Law

    An employer found guilty of discrimination by a Belgian court can face a sentence of up to one year in prison. There is no concept of redundancy in Belgium and no concept of unfair dismissal either.

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