• Eversheds MasterClass
    Eversheds MasterClass
    Avastame talente

    Kutsume teid osalema Eversheds MasterClass programmis, kus parim võidab praktikakoha Eversheds Londoni ning Tallinna büroos.

  • Eversheds Ots & Co
    Eversheds Ots & Co
    Kogemus, millele võib kindel olla

  • Eversheds Agile
    Eversheds Agile
    A global solution to in-house resourcing issues

    Eversheds Agile was born out of Eversheds innovative approach to client services.

  • Commercial dispute resolution passport
    Commercial dispute resolution passport
    Global differences explained

    A quick reference guide to global dispute resolution procedures.

  • Eversheds' guide to global employment law
    Global interactive employment and pensions law guide
    Easy access for HR professionals

    Online employment and pensions law across the globe allowing you to compare legislation in different jurisdictions.

  • International real estate guide
    Global real estate guide
    Our expertise delivered instantly and concisely

    This guide allows you to quickly gain an insight into the legal issues that will affect you in jurisdictions around the world.