Client service excellence

Measuring the service excellence of international lawyers

With over 4,000 staff working in upwards of 50 offices in all four corners of the globe, it is important that we have a mechanism for helping us maintain our high standards. As a result, we have developed one of the most comprehensive and ingrained client service excellence programmes in the legal profession.

What we do

We have adopted a number of approaches ranging from telephone or email feedback to formal review meetings and regular client focus groups. We also use third party independent market research agencies to collect feedback where appropriate and provide an impartial measurement of how we perform.

How we do it

Our structured feedback programmes ask questions which we know from experience are the main issues that contribute to client service excellence. Typically these include the following factors:

  • Competence - providing genuine expertise (both legal and commercial), effectively scoping the work and using appropriate negotiation skills
  • Communication - listening effectively, providing clear and concise documents, being readily accessible, prompt in response and correct nature and frequency
  • Chemistry - being good to work with and operating as a team
  • Commerciality - understanding your business objectives and key issues together with commercial awareness
  • Commitment - being motivated and caring about the outcome
  • Control - managing project and costs efficiently, giving you the outcome as expected with no surprises
  • Contribution - offering effective creative solutions, making a positive difference to the outcome and helping you to succeed

What do we do with your feedback?

Results from our formal feedback processes are immediately reported back to the teams directly involved. This allows specific service issues to be addressed, helping to create action plans to improve our overall service performance.

Feedback results are also aggregated, reported and distributed to practice teams across the firm. Groups are benchmarked both internally and externally to ensure best practice is recognised and potential problems are identified.

In addition, results are fed into internal training programmes so that the highest levels of client care are instilled in all of our staff at every level of the firm.