Eversheds History

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Eversheds history

2015 - Name re-brand

  • July : Our Finnish offices re-branded from JB Eversheds to Eversheds Asianajotoimisto Oy / Eversheds Attorneys Ltd trading as “Eversheds”.
  • July : Our Italian offices re-branded from Eversheds Bianchini to Eversheds - Associazione Professionale trading as “Eversheds”.
  • November: In Romania Eversheds Lina & Guia have rebranded their name to Eversheds.

2015 - National growth

  • July : Eversheds opens new office in Belfast, Northern Ireland. This office will be part of Eversheds International Limited (EIL).

2015 - International growth

  • April : JB Eversheds opens its sixth office on the West Coast of Finland (Pori) alongside Helsinki, Hämeenlinna, Jyväskylä, Tampere and Turku.
  • May : Heisse Kursawe Eversheds one of our longstanding Eversheds International Limited (EIL) members has merged with the LLP. The merged firm will be known as Eversheds Deutschland LLP.
  • September: Eversheds opens new office in Munich, Germany. This office will be part of LLP.
  • October: Eversheds opens offices in Madrid.
  • October: In Johannesburg, the firm celebrates the opening of their new office facilities in the Melrose Arch business precinct.

2014 - International growth

  • January: Eversheds joins up with Mahons Attorneys in South Africa, to introduce three new offices in Johannesburg and Mauritius.
  • March : Heisse Kursawe Eversheds opens a third office in Germany (Berlin).
  • June : Eversheds South Africa joins with law firm Knight Turner to give a third South African office in Durban.
  • November : Eversheds and Juridia Bützow join together to become JB Eversheds within Finland. Juridia Bützow is one of Finland’s leading full service law firms with a nationwide coverage of five offices. These are located in Hämeenlinna, Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Tampere, Turku.

2013 - Name re- brand

  • November: Eversheds Faasen in the Netherlands re-branded to Eversheds B.V.

2013 - International growth

  • May: Eversheds opens a new office in Beijing.
  • October: Eversheds opens its seventh Middle East office in Kurdistan Region. This is the second office to open in Iraq, located in Erbil.
  • December: Eversheds opens its first African office in Tunisia. Eversheds El Heni are members of the Eversheds African Law Institute (EALI)

2012 - Name re- brand

  • January: Our office in Vienna Lambert Eversheds rebranded to Eversheds.
  • September: Our offices in Amman, Baghdad, Dubai and Riyadh, previously “in association with Eversheds KSLG” rebranded to “in association with Eversheds”.

2011 - Name re- brand

  • November : Eversheds O'Donnell Sweeney re-branded to Eversheds.

2011 - International Growth

  • May: Eversheds merge with KSLG and now have a further four offices located in the Middle East
  • August: Eversheds form alliance with Nicea Abogados in Spain
  • October: Eversheds opens two new international offices. In Bucharest, Romania, Eversheds Lina and Guia opens, and in Hamburg a further Heisse Kursawe Eversheds opens.

2010 - Name re-brand

  • August: Eversheds Advokatbyrå re-brand to Eversheds Södermark Advokatbyrå AB
  • December: Eversheds Schmid Mangeat re-brands to Eversheds

2009 - International growth and Regional growth

  • Eversheds opens an office in Edinburgh.
  • Eversheds opens a new office in Singapore. This will be Eversheds second wholly owned office in Asia.
  • February: MCP Avocats in Geneva joined with Schmid Eversheds in Berne and Zurich and the three offices in Switzerland will be named Eversheds Schmid Mangeat.
  • March: Eversheds opens a new office in Hong Kong. This will be Eversheds 8th wholly owned office outside the UK.
  • April: Eversheds Piergrossi Bianchini in Italy opens a new office in Albania.
  • April: Hani Qurashi law firm in co-operation with Eversheds opens new 2 offices in Jeddah and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

2009 - Name re-brand

  • January: O’Donnell Sweeney Eversheds re-branded to Eversheds O’Donnell Sweeney.
  • January: Piergrossi Bianchini Eversheds re-branded to Eversheds Piergrossi Bianchini.
  • September: Piergrossi Bianchini Eversheds re-brands to Eversheds Bianchini.

2008 - Name re-brand

  • March: Our Paris office, Eversheds Frere Cholmeley has re-branded itself to Eversheds LLP.
  • April:Our Baltic offices become associated members of Eversheds International Limited under the names Eversheds Ots & Co, Eversheds Bitāns, and Eversheds Saladžius.
  • June: Our associated office in Sweden, Andrén Bratt Eversheds, has re-branded itself to Eversheds.

2008 - International growth

  • January: Eversheds associates with Schmid Eversheds with offices in Berne and Zurich in Switzerland. This association further strengthens the firms capability in Western Europe.
  • May: Eversheds opens an office in Abu Dhabi. This will be Eversheds second wholly owned office in the Middle East.
  • Eversheds associates with Faasen and Partners based in the Netherlands, with offices in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

2007 - International growth

  • Eversheds affiliates with Ots & Co in Estonia, Saladzius & Partners in Lithuania and Baltmane & Bitans in Latvia. This affiliation enables us to provide our clients with comprehensive advice throughout the Baltic region.
  • Eversheds moves into the Qatar Financial Centre in Doha after becoming the first international law firm to be awarded an operating licence in October 2006. This wholly owned office will act as a springboard for growing the business throughout the Middle East.

2006 - International growth

  • Eversheds is granted a licence to open an office in Shanghai. Shanghai and London form a single, unified China business group providing a fully experienced China advisory service offering in both Europe and China.
  • Eversheds forms an association with leading Irish law firm, O’Donnell Sweeney, who has a substantial presence in the Irish business law market. (In February 2007 O’Donnell Sweeney incorporates the Eversheds name to become O’Donnell Sweeney Eversheds).

2005 - International growth

  • Eversheds forms an association with Swedish law firm Andrén Bratt Partners based in Stockholm to become Andrén Bratt Eversheds.
  • Eversheds forms an association with a German law firm, Heisse Kursawe, a highly respected business law firm with an established reputation. (In January 2006 Heisse Kursawe incorporates the Eversheds name to become Heisse Kursawe Eversheds.)
  • Eversheds forms an association with leading Polish law form Wierzbowski i Wspólnicy with offices in Warsaw and Wroclaw to become Wierzbowski Eversheds.

2004 - International growth

  • Eversheds forms an exclusive strategic alliance with Malaysian law firm Shahrizat Rashid & Lee.
  • Eversheds announces association with Hungarian firm Sándor Szegedi Szent-Ivány Komáromi Eversheds and Austrian firm Lambert Eversheds.
  • Eversheds' associated firm in Italy, Piergrossi Villa Bianchini Riccardi, changes name to Piergrossi Bianchini Eversheds.

2003 - International growth

  • Eversheds' associated law firm Piergrossi Villa Bianchini Riccardi (PB).announces merger with the partners of the law firm Benvenuto Barozzi Scherini (BBS).
  • Eversheds forms an agreement of co-operation with Qatar law firm, Al-Jufairi.

2002 - International growth

  • Eversheds and Piergrossi Villa Bianchini Riccardi in Italy with offices in Milan and Rome forge new European alliance

2000 - Financial and management integration

  • Full merger across all UK offices of financial and management structures.

2000 - Regional growth

  • Joining of Linsley & Mortimer to our Newcastle office.

1998 - Regional growth

  • Joining of Palmer Wheeldon to our Cambridge office.

1998 - National and international growth

  • Joining of Sandal Lunoe in Copenhagen.
  • Joining of Frere Cholmeley Bischoff in London, Paris, Sofia and Moscow.

1997 - Regional growth

  • Merger of Wilkinson Maughan in the Newcastle office.

1996 - Regional growth

  • Joining of Waltons & Morse in the London office.

1995 - National and international growth

  • Joining of Jacques & Lewis in London and Brussels.

1995 - Name rebrand

  • Regional UK firms drop their own names to rebrand as one firm - Eversheds.

1994 - Regional growth

  • Merger of Holt Philips in Bristol.

1992 - Name rebrand

  • 'Eversheds' added as prefix to each member firm's name.

1991 - Regional growth

  • Merger with Turner Martin & Symes in Ipswich.

1990 - Regional growth

  • Merger of Hepworth & Chadwick in Leeds.

1989 - Regional growth

  • Merger of Philips & Buck in Cardiff.
  • Merger of Wells & Hind in Nottingham.

1988 - Regional growth

  • The merger of Ingledew Botterell Roche & Temperley in Newcastle and Derby.

1988 - Eversheds established

  • Eversheds established by Alexander Tatham in Manchester; Broomheads in Sheffield; Daynes Hill & Perks in Norwich and Wells & Hind in Nottingham.