Our approach

Setting the standard

Eversheds is a law firm that sets the standards for others to follow. Over the years we have led the way in changing the face of legal services and providing a service that meets the needs of contemporary globalised businesses.

This includes embracing commercial principles such as being measurable in the work we do, predictable in the costs we provide and efficient in the way we deliver our services. It means training our people to think strategically as well as legally and immerse themselves in the world of their clients. We have embraced technology to deliver smart approaches to a range of issues from complex multinational projects to high volume work where standardisation can create real savings. Our global operation has been grown carefully and organically so we can offer consistent quality to our clients, wherever they are.

What you get from our firm is a total solution to all your legal problems. And every one of those solutions will be delivered by leading people who never stop trying to achieve more on your behalf and want to develop a long lasting relationship with you that benefits all parties.

Thinking without boundaries

We continue to think without boundaries. One of the most important ways we do this is through your regular feedback that is used to both directly improve our service to you and shape our overall offering. We are happy to listen to any of your suggestions and act upon them. The most important point is that you benefit in terms of quality, cost or simple satisfaction.

Thinking without boundaries requires talent. We believe our people have the diversity of skills and creativity that mean you don't have to go anywhere else. All of them are empowered to be accountable for delivering the best advice and the highest levels of service.

Unlocking ambitions

Eversheds people have a clear focus on unlocking our clients' ambitions around the world. To do this we need to understand who you are and what you want to achieve. That means developing relationships that really matter, where we are fully in tune with you, your business and the issues you face.

We have proved our ability to do this time and again. For example, we have been successful in programmes where a legal panel is reduced from hundreds of members to just one - Eversheds. We have simply been willing to commit more resources to our client and go beyond their expectations in everything we do for them. Our local and global presence means we can be your partner on any journey you take and at any stage in your organisation's evolution.

Quality matters to us and that's why we do everything we can to unlock the ability and ambition of our own people. You will be working with advisers who have been given every opportunity to develop their talents and get the training they need to be the best they can be. At the same time they are practical, collegiate and happy to do anything for you, big or small.

Connected globally

This is one firm with a solution for everything, everywhere you need us.

With Eversheds you get the best of both worlds in terms of lawyers who are committed locally but connected globally. That means people who are close at hand and able to talk to you face-to-face, rather than on the end of a telephone. At the same time as part of a global business our lawyers are able to give you the big picture and access to the resources of one of the world's largest firms. We can handle every one of your matters through one point of contact.

In a complex, multinational world, we are unique in our ability to deliver consistent quality across our offices. Every person at our firm shares the same philosophy, way of doing things and approach to client service where only the best is acceptable. We can join up your projects, advise on local laws and customs, and act as your guide through unfamiliar markets. Wherever you want to do business we can guarantee that the Eversheds way of doing things will still be done.